About Us

 What is Hair Solutions?

Hair Solutions is an online store selling products to mask and conceal hair loss for men and women.

What do we do?

We bring you a range of brands from around the world and allow you to mix and match those that suit you the best and give you the best appearance. We’ll be providing reviews and feedback on our products to assist you in your choices.

Why do we do it?

Its all about confidence, we truly believe the products we offer you can help you to have your best hair day, each and every day.

Who’s behind Hair Solutions?

In 1999 whilst working for the family business National Hair Institute, Marcus White came across the brand Toppik and took on the Australian rights for that brand selling it online and to various retailers and hairdressers. At the time it was the only product of its type available. Marcus continued in the day to day running of the National Hair Institute until 2010 and during that time also co authored a book, “How you can beat hair Loss” with his father Dr Barry White. Late in 2010 he left the family business to focus full time on the Toppik brand. Fast forward to 2019 and the Australian rights to the original brand we stocked, Toppik has returned to the manufacturer, a public listed US company. The Hair Solutions website was put together to sell down our remaining stock of Toppik, but also now gives us the freedom to offer our clients the best hair loss products from around the world.

We promise to you

We have only just launched in 2019, but we promise to seek out the best hair loss products from around the world. If you’ve found a product you think is the best ever and you would like us to stock it please let us know in the contact form and we’ll investigate.

Why you should buy from us

Free shipping for orders over $80. We are (or have been) the official stockist of brands we carry. We know our brands and guarantee they are 100% genuine and bought from official sources. We do not parallel import. We are Australian owned and operated and the stock we sell is located in our warehouse.

Get in touch

Phone 1300 867 745
Email sales@hairsolutions.com.au
Postal Address PO box 2424 Seaford 3198